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Last year the Friends raised £260,000 for Conquest Hospital

It buys extra equipment and services for the Conquest to improve the health, comfort and care of its’ patients.


Congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part in this Appeal. We did it!

The Conquest Hospital will have a new MRI Scanner,  target installation date of December 2018. We’ll keep you posted.


A Big Thank you to all our Donors

Every penny takes us one step closer to our goal of £1m

Donations over £50,000

Bexhill League of Friends

Isabel Blackman Charitable Foundation

Magdalen and Lasher Charitable Trust

Friends of Rye Hospital

Donations over £10,000

Dr CJ Lewes

John and Brenda Lovering

Garfield Weston Foundation

Dr Richard Wray

John Baker

Darvell Community

Hastings Lions

Dr Richard Wray

Donations over £5,000

 Spencer Wills Trust

Tufton Charitable Trust

Hastings Winkle Club

Hastings Senlac Rotary Club

Gaby Hardwicke

Amanda and Martin Hole

Tufton Charitable Trust

Dr Richard Wray

Donations over £1,000

The Chowens

Ian Casselden

Bexhill Lions

Keith Bowler

JR Lockyer

Stephen and Kathy Rowlinson

St Leonards Rotary Club

Mr & Mrs Donald

The Friends raise money for the Conquest Hospital

We run the hospital shop and daily patient trolley service, receive gifts, donations and organise fundraising events throughout the year with volunteers. The money we raise is used to supplement the services provided by the Conquest Hospital for the health, welfare and comfort of the patients it treats.

The Friends provide new supplementary medical facilities, services and equipment which otherwise would be in short supply. In 2017, The Friends aims to raise £1m to purchase a new MRI Scanner to replace the 13-year-old scanner the Hospital currently operates.

Because of the very substantial cost of a new MRI scanner the Conquest Hospital, which is the major acute site in the area for trauma, orthopaedics, surgery and paediatrics, is currently unable to purchase it. East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust will fund the building of a new suite to house it. The Friends are running a Public Appeal to tie in with the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Hospital, and hope to have raised the funds in time for the new scanner to be installed by Autumn 2018. This is named the Conquest Hospital MRI Scanner Appeal. It will benefit the 400,000 people in the Hospital’s catchment area. To donate to the Appeal and to find out more click here.


Your donations help us to support the Conquest Hospital. As Healthcare funding these days is tight extra money buys equipment and services the Hospital would otherwise be with out.


By fundraising for the Friends you’re helping an amazing team of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers do extraordinary things to improve the lives of patients in their care.


Your legacy can be a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one or to recognise and thank the medical team involved in their care. A fitting way to be remembered.


You can become a Friend for a year by donating at least £5 and filling in our membership application. You can become a life time Friend by donating at least £25 and two people can become life time Friends for a  donation of at least £30 if they live at the same address.

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Our how to help page explains how to make a donation easily. Anyone who has made a donation of at least £10 can then become a life time friend. Just click the become a friend button above for our online membership application form.

Any donation, no matter how small, makes you a good Friend of Conquest Hospital. If you’d like to do more, you can follow what we do by liking our Facebook page, here, or choose to receive our newsletter. We’ll tell you about our social and fundraising events. They are a great way to meet other friends, like you, who care about the local community.

Conquest Hospital Radio

to listen click below